What effect do decals have?

I’m thinking of putting some water in my map (which is very big) and I was wondering what effect decals have on performance, map size etc.

It’s a post-apoc map (because I’ve noticed a serious lack of them) for the Radbox gamemode and the Birth of a Civilisation contest.

Just plain water against a dirty, dusty floor would look pretty crappy so I want to add a kind of blend between the two.

This would involve something like 150 - 200 decals.

So… Yer. I rambled on for a 4 sentences to ask what effect decals have.

Thanks in advance.

None realy

Looks good if used well

Cool, cheers.

there would only be a performance issue if you had 1000+ decals

use overlays as you can resize those and they have lighting, where decals don’t.

I want to use decals because I will be using a stupid amount of them and they won’t contrbute an amazing amount of detail.

I’m saving overlays for the important shit and buildings.

I ran into problems with overlays in my latest singleplayer map, gm_redox, when I had over 512 overlays because that’s the overlay limit.

Because of the limit I’d say you should avoid going overboard with overlays. Use decals when they suffice.

You’d be better off using a blend texture, or making a large custom decal so you don’t need as many

Lag-wise, overlays/decals have virtually no impact; Theoretically, if they’re coded well, they should basically have the same lag effect as a single brushface, or less.

As Lord Ivan already stated, make a blend texture, it will look far better.

Shows lack of effort to make things look nice if overused.

You can sometimes get an error in the console with errors complaining of too many decals, so…
As long as there is space between them and you can’t see them all at once, it should be fine.

The only time you should be using overlays is when you need to rotate or scale a decal. I personally use decals for the basic rooms.