What Engine is Rust Runing on.

Hi, so I know gmod was run on the sources engine while valve backed. But why is rust not on the source engine and what engine does Rust run, Unity? Also why is valve not funding this game its made $11,000 in 2 days. now that’s sellable! Post your thoughts here.

Unity Engine i think

Yes Unity and no Valve doesn’t need to fund Rust, Facepunch Studios has got enough money to fund it themselves.


Yes I know they have Enough money but they might be able to do more with one of the most successful companys in gaming.

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When I posted this I did not mean that facepunch needs help I just was questioning why they were not with valve since gmod was that’s it sorry if I mislead you.

Bit hard to follow as your post is just a tad run-on, but I’ll say this:

1.) Garry’s Mod was/is a mod of Source. That’s why it runs on Source (it isn’t a standalone game AFAIK, you needed to purchase one of Valve’s games in order to play it)
2.) I don’t think Garry has a full license for the Source engine. Matter of fact, I know Valve licenses the Source engine but I’ve never seen any other studio use it besides Valve. Could be for a reason?
3.) Rust runs on Unity, yes. That’s what allows it to be a browser game, because Unity allows you to download a browser plugin to view Unity content. I don’t pretend to know the reason they went with Unity, but my guess is that they found Unity to be far more flexible than Source, and a far cheaper option most likely as well.
4.) Maybe because Valve and Facepunch are two entirely different companies that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Actually there are quite a few non-Valve games that use the Source engine. From the top of my head I can think of Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic, Titanfall and Tactical Intervention.

Afaik the guys that made Zeno Clash licensed the source engine

Fun fact, Titanfall is using a modified Source engine. Really hard to believe, looking at it that it was once Source.

The source engine is old and clunky and I’d like to see reasons from pro devs as to why you’d license it in 2010+3

Titanfall somehow runs on source. It doesn’t look that good, but hardly looks like good old HL2 source anymore. Even Dota 2 has that Source-y feel to it, Titanfall seems to have modified enough stuff to remove that.

Ah, shows what I know I suppose.

Regardless, they might have felt that Unity was a cheaper and more flexible option.

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Well, yeah it’s old and clunky (even Valve themselves have admitted that much of the engine is very archaic and old-fashioned) but it’s also unbelievably optimized.

To give you an idea, the max map size in Source is around 0.5 x 0.5km

The current Rust island is 16x16km

But is unity as optimized?

Not out of the box, no. But essentially what Unity gives you is more of a blank slate, upon which you can do anything you want. So some things they just can’t optimize more without removing some of that freedom. Most of the optimization work is really going to be your own code, not Unity’s.

If Source had to manage a 16x16km island it would perform worse.

Keep in mind that BSP based editors and Unity are very different in the way they work. BSP based editors such as Hammer work by designing most of the map with primitives within the editor itself. In Unity, most of the content comes from your 3D creation tool of choice.

They’re optimized for different scenarios.

a) it’s optimized for one thing, that’s tiny maps with brushes and models
b) you feel it’s optimized because the latest games that came for it aren’t that pretty compared to other games from this gen

Source would nope so hard if you tried to run the rust map on it :v:

But I think a better question the OP should of asked is, do you guys plan on moving to a different engine later, or is the game so far integrated into unity it’s too late?

I doubt they would switch to any other engine this late. Unity has it’s own way of doing things (the component-based workflow), they’ve got so much done on Rust at this point that porting to basically anything else would be a major pain in the rear (considering the workflow and programming structure would be radically different), for very little gain.