What engine should I use? Not what you think...

Hi guys,
I am working on my gamemode and started a map.
I am not asking how to map or crap like that, but what engine version I should use.
The gamemode uses CSS, HL2, and Gmod content. Every time I tried making a GMOD game config
it only had CSS content or only HL2 content.
I am planning on making a city with mixed content, for people who have BOTH games so it isn’t breakin’ da lawz :yarr:

Anyway, any advice on that is really helpful.
BTW, are there any good city mapping tutorials?
I am planning on making a small testmap, and then making a pimpulicious big map XD

Cya guys!
Thanks for answering my Q’

I suppose it’s personal preference? Use whatever you want.

You can extract content from the CSS GCF and move it into your HL2 one, from there you can map in HL2 and move the bsp to gmod.

Thanks guys!

Download GCFScape if you don’t know how to do that :slight_smile: