What entity do you use for elevators

I used the prop_dynamic, prop_static and I won’t use prop_physics because it will just react to physics obviously… oh and when I use dynamic the elevator isn’t solid.

So what should I use?

make it out of func_movelinear

I don’t have that…

Brush entities, not point entities. Press Ctrl+T when selecting a brush, then change it to func_movelinear in the drop down box.


I personally use func_tracktrain for more control over it. But it does use one or two more entities.

I’m usin undergroundelevator.mdl not using brushes…

Use prop_dynamic for the elevator itself, but parent it to a nodraw func_movelinear that surrounds the elevator like a box.

Thanks… and thats just lame lol.
Thanks for the advice any who :}

It’s not lame, it’s one of the correct ways of doing an elevator. :colbert: