what ever happened to avalanche test 2 map?

i recently found this map on garrysmod.org and its so cool, also there is this sever that runs it, mcmissiles funplace (i think) but thats not the point. this map is easily my favorite map.

it has a man cannon, an arena with a changing landscape, a watch tower, a castle, an cave, a huge lake, a little house thing, a control room,a rave room, and little surprises every where (like a secret cave that lead to the master sword lol) and there are all of these teleportation spots to get to these places.

anyway, i have never hear of it before and i was wondering if there was any specific reason for that

here is the link if you want it

oh, side note i love the realistic sweps by medicalheadcrab, makes sniping actually hard

I used to have it thanks for the link.

I remember this, back in about '07 when I was a Gmod newbie. fun times…

Anyone know what do do in the section of this map you get to with the teleporters marked 1 and 2? I just get stuck in an orange room with buttons that do nothing, and has that obnoxious antinoclip on all walls.

huge ass bump, its 4 weeks old… let it die