What ever happened to gmod kinect?

I have Seen the video, the blog post, and im wondering when will garry release it in gmod? Is he waiting for the commercial kinect sdk? Or did he forget? Sorry if I missed something.

It wasn’t an official project. It was done by some physicist.

I dont even think that would work out well.
the setup would be a bitch.


Wait, people play kinect?

Only the people paid to in the commercials.

…Garry said he would love to add it, I understand that it was created by a physicist, all I was wondering was if garry had plans to put it in gmod.

I wanna do it just to make custom animations easier that I would need for the filming class (just in case)

if it did come out it would be fun for the first little while, then after spawning ragdolls and lagging like shit, you’d get extremely bored, its not like you could build or anything.