What ever happened to OfficeRP?

This might’ve been asked before, but what ever happened to OfficeRP? That was one bombass thing to play – and it was the very first thing I actually played when I bought Garry’s Mod in 2008.

Let’s just say this: Since most of the RP community on Gmod is DarkRP, how many people do you think OfficeRP attracts that aren’t trolls?

i call not being the paper bitch

OfficeRP, IIRC, was just a poorly modded DarkRP on cs_office, with some new classes. The new classes weren’t say, Accounting, Manager, Salesman, Customer, etc, like you’d expect, but things like Black Market Dealers. I was honestly expecting the servers being a bunch of people sitting around pretending to file TPS reports, and was sorely disappointed.

I called it Office Wars… When the server was attacked by like four trolls groups at the same time the remaining players built the ‘Safehouse’ which was bascially a gigantic fort which was the safehold of pre-minge attack RP… I try not to think about sending Scavenger Squads that were ordered to go out, and raid troll strongholds and take their firearm boxes and money printers and bring them back to base.

That honestly sounds like a lot of fun.

When I saw the OP I thought of

It was different. Most of the time the troll groups were to spreaded to actually do damage against us. The worst they conjured was the occasional ‘Asylum Patient’[Propkiller which slammed props against the ground], and to be honest those scared the living crap out of me.
All you heard was a prop colliding with the ground and an earthquake following up shortly afterwards.

Ya know, making a fort and trying to survive against mingebags kind of sounds like fun…

I had this weird nostalgic urge to recreate this gamemode. Which took me 15 minutes.

War of the Servers all of again