What ever happened to Piratewars

I have seen youtube vids of piratewars and It looks amazing. Unfortunatly no servers are running. What happened/

Died out. It was a good concept, but most servers and players couldn’t handle the lag.

It’s a real shame this gamemode isn’t being played anymore, it’s probably one of the most comical ones out there.

One of the annoying things about it though is you had to download the pack from garrysmod.org, they never set it up so the client could download it from the server.

There is occasionally a server up there. But it doesnt always work and its populated by koreans :confused:

I’m tempted to throw up a server just for fun.

I would be very thankful. And join it

There is still one or two servers up.

Well after the pirate bay became a trap set up by the Swedish government all the other piracy sites held a party to celebrate the death of Pirate Bay.

If I can find a decent working copy, I may look into continouing it, or at least giving more playability to it.


^SVN link

It is when you have someone playing “we are a pirate” over the mic and you have kids and others following the song. :smiley:

If you want a public server to test it on, let me know!

I’ll support this as long as you release the final completed version to the public. I hate it when an awesome gamemode suddenly becomes private and restricted to a shit community.

It started as a public gamemode and thus should finish as one.

That’s to say, I’ll work on this in my spare time, it seems pretty decently written. But as for features and whatsnot, what was missing from PSW?

Edit: I may scrap this actually, looking through it more thoroughly and playtesting it, there’s quite a bit that’s broken with it, including models and whatsnot, and seeing as I’m not a modeller, it would take too much time or expand too much which is something at the moment I can’t really commit to.

Theres a couple servers out there still actually. Ill get the server names and IPs when I get home.

I really wish someone would pick this game mode up again and fix some of the glitches or add new content though, it really is a fun gamemode.

I had a really epic moment on a PSW server only a few months ago, and it was all thanks to an unknown temporary glitch. There was about 5 people on each team and the game started normally, but after a while we noticed the ships were not sinking and were eventually reduced to bare shells. After it was clear no team would win, we called a truce and the fun commenced! The first event was who could get up and down the water fall the quickest, but this did not go to well and both ships got jammed on top of each other at the bottom of the waterfall. It was quite fun working together to unjam the ships and trying to escape from the submerged ships before drowning.

After a while we unjammed the ships and decided to take it in turns driving off the falls. It was very funny seeing people fly off the ships as it plummeted down the falls and how we managed to get a ship to barrel roll off the side.
It was just great random chaotic fun. :slight_smile: