What ever happened to the tornado map

A while a go a member here was making a map with a tornado in it. What ever happened to it?

It died.

Doctor couldn’t save it in time.

as far as I know, depending on who you ask, the creator either got tired/overwhelmed/gave up, or he dangled it in front of use and stopped just to piss everyone off.

Or both.

I ahhh greee

MJB went insane after he allegedly murdered his girlfriend

Yeah whatever happened to monkeyjoe? I’m doubting the killed his girlfriend idea…


It’s dead.

Where was I when this happened? :ohdear:

this one? http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=867968

This one.

I’ve got a beta copy if anyone wants it.

Oh god i remember the thread about that map. Asking about when it would be released was reason for a ban :v:.
And yes please post the beta version, you’d have babies from everyone on FP.

I iz wantz betazorz

No, you want a box.

I’d like that.

do want
do want
want do

It’s a shame that you don’t actually have a beta copy of it :saddowns:

Can’t believe most of you fell for it.