What ever happened to Violence evolving

I used to play this gamemode all the freaking time, I remember I went away for about 3 months and came back around January ( I dun no what year) to find my friend spamming my steam saying it was leaked or hacked or something along those lines… So was it actually leaked or did the hosts just give up :expressionless:

I used to play it a lot as well ,and I know the somewhat reason for it being closed down…

It was a very popular gamemode ,but the problem was it lagged like a bitch ,and their wasn’t really much of a full way to fix that considering the things you were killing were NPC’s.

Hunts lost the gamemode and all the links went down.

I have it somewhere but it’s half way converted to tmysql, however I didn’t understand MySQL or how to properly use a callback. I could probably finish it up someday and put up a server.