What exactly is 'no free edicts' reason?

Why exactly do i get the error when too much stuff is going on? Is it like the ram/ VGA memory or is it engine thing and no matter what PC i’d have i’d still be the same?

If you never heard such error… The full engine error is “ED_Alloc: no free edicts”.

Edicts are “slots” for each networkable object of the game, like props, vehicles, doors and buttons and even players (however, static objects like a rock or a func_detail are not part of those slots). The game crash with that error whenever there’s no slot available, as the limit is 1024 (2048?). 15 edicts are added per player slot apparently.

So its a source engine limit? Nothin i can do about it except cutting down on the content on my end right?


No. You may choose maps with not a lot of stuff in them (like gm_flatgrass) to have more edicts.


As i’ve said reducing the content. And oh yeah… almost forgot: :saddowns:

Actually you may also try to put 64 or 128 slots to your game and see if it really add the 15 edicts per slot.

You also can’t increase the limit, even at the engine level, because that would break compatibility with the rest of the engine(as stated by the VDC).

gm_mobenix, which starts out packed to the brim with edicts, is a bad map to build on for that reason.

Shame :confused: hope they atleast increase it with the new source engine… the 2011 one.

If you are on mobenix, GET OFF. It uses 3/4 of the available edicts by default.

No. Its far too pretty :downs:

I take it this limitation doesn’t exist in Single player?

no im pretty sure it does exist in multiplayer as well as singleplayer (correct me on that if wrong). I did the same thing in COD4, made my own private server and turned on cheats, loaded Broadcast with c4s just as i was about to detonate them, ran out of damn edicts.

I maed mga bomb with 2000 pieces of TNT and 47 nukes. Blew them up. Game didnt crash O_O

It’s engine wide. So on MP it’s slightly more restrictive due to the player entities.

The effects is the biggest reason of the error… lets see 2000 pieces of TNT combine to one huge effect, 47 Nukes 47 effects… However when you try to do something abit complicated out of 3 “env_sprite”'s in a sped up think function for me you can only spawn 14 of them on flatgrass…