What Father Grigori does now that Gordon left Ravenholm.

"Sorry, my child. You lost again."


What an evil prick. swindling zombies out of their hard earned money.

Not bad.

Completely out of left field, but pretty creative.

Nice shot, too.

Creative idea, nice posing.

Now give him back the money before his little friend couples with your head.

My eyes are burning, it’s 02:39 AM and this bloom just killed them once for all.

Excuse me sir, I don’t see a hint of eye damaging bloom here.

You lost your eyes too? Poor boy… :frowning:

Umm I did use bloom.

Did you use colour mod?

Lol. But didn’t Girgori die at the end of that mission during the gas explosion?

He was still alive after it for me.

Same here but it played that sad music as if he was.

Great idea, only problem is there’s nothing to buy with money… especially there lol