What feature do you want to see in S&box?

We already have an ideas thread where you guys have ideas about what you want to do or see other people do in the game; What ideas do you guys have? - s&box / playing s&box - Facepunch Forum

But what stuff do you believe should be vanilla in-game by default?

I’d love to see basic features such as trading cards, steam badges, achievements, peer to peer option to play co-op with friends without the need to rent a server, maybe an option to mount source2 assets from other games like you can with source games in Gmod, etc… :grey_question:

tools, workshop, c#, hammer aaaaand… that’s all


Mounting Source2 assets from other games would be an important feature, even if it might end up practically forcing players to have HL:A installed or otherwise 90% of everything will be errors. Just like it is with GMOD and CS:S


I would love to see editing of levels while they are loaded in game, and to see the results quickly. Whether through Hammer externally or using ingame features.

And I would give some suck to be able to do it live in a multiplayer setting. Just imagine developing levels cooperatively, and giving feedback to others by simply showing them what you mean right there.


I would love to see a better AI/NPC system in place so we can do more with gamemodes and be able to actually use them on severs with many players, in gmod this was an issue due to performance but I am hoping to see it improved enough that it can be used in projects. I have a lot of ideas that revolve around the use of npcs being on the map.

I would also like to see a better implementation of vehicle modding/creating. I never learned how to do it in gmod but from what I heard it was extremely annoying to make new vehicles. Vehicles that flew where notoriously bad because of how they had to make it work, so it would be nice to be able to get proper flight controls and not have to have it janky like WAC was or any other vehicle mod.


Something that excites me a lot is map hotloading


Disagree, Just workshop tools, and c#. A npc examples, vehicle example and a entity example just to see how it’s formatted and how to get it running ya’ know. Garry doesn’t want to make it so that you need a game to play his game.

Edit: I cannot tell if this is satire or not tho so yeah.

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That would honestly be game changing. Imagine TTT but with NPCs that can be made smart enough to actually play full games

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PAC 3 редактор с инструментами моделирование внутри игры и мунипуляцы костями эфэктами честицами и скриптовые онимацы подержка модели мастерской

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Ability to use own animations and skeletons on a per model basis (and have it easy to implement).
And some builtin sharding and map streaming (don’t load whole map and all players and entitites at once but only when they’re close enough) letting us build infinite worlds with infinite playercounts (but not infinite player density i suppose)?


A bit vague but I just want better modding tools. I know that what we have right now can do a lot, but I know the new engine can achieve much more and provide better use of your hardware.

A gamemode category on workshop, which actually has gamemodes only, instead of menu backgrounds or other unrelated stuff.

I would love this but i dont think it should force people to buy any game. It should simply allow people to use their assets in sandbox mode and maybe on mapping.

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I hope this will be something that will be implemented further down the road,
which is the ability to play and develop content while in VR.

What do you guys think about having VR?

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Multicore Servers, thats all


A healthy selection of vanilla props to work with, no matter their source. Part of what made GMod so magical was the freedom to take so many familiar shapes and make a mess with them. If all you ever had were the PHX pack and other ‘sterile’ props then I think the game would not have found much of its character.


A good selection of default models that fit all the most common needs of players and gamemode developers would go a long way to making S&box content feel complete and self-contained.

We shouldn’t have to be reliant on buying other content such as Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life: Alyx due to content creators simply not having enough to work with.


Yeah, a sizeable asset library is high up on my list too. It would greatly benefit content creators whose primary skills lie elsewhere. I’ve occasionally mapped for games where stock assets were not available, and while I am able to make somewhat passable models and textures of my own, it really takes me out of the flow. That’s part of the reason I’ve stuck with HL2/GMod for such a long time.

This would also help improve the file size and ease of installation of addons. Otherwise, authors will always have to either create dependencies on other people’s addons, or pack in stuff of their own (stuff that will likely have a lot in common with what other maps/game modes also use).


An administration system for managing players.

The community has created a lot of things in this direction, but it would be nice to have a minimum of administrative tools when we set up a server.
Of course, this administration module would not be mandatory, in addition to being completely customizable.

For my part, I take great pleasure in administering on Gmod, thanks to its physigun, and to these complex administration systems, such as ULX, Billy’s Logs, AWarn, etc.
No game equals gmod in terms of ease of administration.

So for me the minimum would be to have an administration system resembling ULX, with a wide range of logs.
And if possible a warning system.

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Please add multithreading support :pray: