What feeds your mapping ideas?

I mostly get ideas for my maps from movies and even in real life there are some pretty structures I wanna make. I’ve noticed a lot of maps are based on the simpsons… and stalker…

My brain brings all the imagry i need…although i do walk down the road thinking…want that, want that.


I look at other people’s maps, and usually think of something to make. Sometimes I will be driving around and see something that inspires me, and other times I get it from dreams.

Usually movies or games.

Inspiring photography, movies, other games, sometimes music.

You would not believe how many novel ideas come flowing when you give up the notion of creating an impressive, finished product. Shit maps and dead-end projects can really bring out the best in us, if we know what we’re getting ourselves into. The true genius of creativity comes from our actualization of new ideas. Flex your artistic muscles by making something completely new and personal, without the constraints you’ve learned to put on yourself. The maps that I’m proud of and have helped me the most are the ones I didn’t even feel the need to take pictures of.

Imagination. My ideas stem from the concept that you are the villain.

playing old games.
such as doom.
and mods for old games.

Oh, and i drink the blood of terrible mappers. If they are good, but just cocky, i will eat their hearts.

Google image search has brought me a ton of inspiration.

Pink Floyd, Shpongle and Infected Mushroom, along with my sick, twisted imagination. I tend to place my maps in highly surreal, otherworldly settings from a fictional universe of my own, rather than conforming to the game’s own art style and setting.

I have a folder that’s currently at about 4gb filled with concept art, screenshots, etc. that I use for inspiration and the like.


In all seriousness, most of the time it’s my mood. If I’m in a bad mood I don’t map.



Circuit boards

Mirror’s Edge.

A combonation of movies I watch and books I read, my surroundings, imagination and a sort of gut feeling of what I want the player to experience or explore.