What files am I allowed to touch in S&box?

I just got the game, and I’m wondering what files I’m allowed to touch. I don’t want to edit something, then accidentally get banned. I’m I allowed to touch stuff in sbox/core? How about sbox/addons/base, or sbox/addons/rust?

I don’t think your going to get banned for modifying any files

I second MeDerp, even though I don’t have the game yet I think it’s safe to assume given this is a preview build there wouldn’t be too many problems looking into/adding files unless it’s like creating cheats for a specific gamemode or something.

Though I’d probably be a little cautious and learn a lot more before messing with the files still since there’s the possibility of breaking the game for yourself too, though someone more experienced might come on here to explain otherwise or or on how to do things better so. : P

I think I definitely have the opportunity to just break the game, but you only have to go steam properties and verify the game files, and it would fix them.

lucky! also any files Gary has left available to you are assumed to be toyed with. He wouldn’t give the public something he doesn’t want touched.

just don’t be an ass and make a bot or hacking tools, if you do at least do it for the purpose of defense :smiley:

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You can just do whatever want. We’ve already had people reverse engineer s&box to hack in shader support, feel free to mess around with anything.

One thing that will get you banned is messing with facepunch’s backend (gamemode hosting and developer pages), but those aren’t part of s&box locally, just avoid their website.

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What if I modify the files in addons/base (things like the default entity code, player controller code etc.)? If I tweak those, won’t it technically allow me to cheat?

You won’t get banned lol. But you should refrain from overwriting those and instead copy them over to your addon. They may get replaced whenever you download an update, which happens several times per day


Game is so early in development, I don’t think anyone would care if there were users with actual hacks going around hijacking other people’s matches.

I say go for it! Because then we can work out how to better defend against it.

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I agree that this could be a way to increase anti-cheat measures but personally I just think it’s stupid to cheat on a game in development, especially if there’s no purpose.

I agree that it is stupid to cheat to ruin other players/devs fun.
But to find backdoors it’s perfectly fine. If we find a lot of ways to cheat now and can prevent them, less/only harder can be found later by “bad” players.