what files do I need JUST for a static prop?

Okay, I have absoloutly Zero experience in model making, But I have skills in map making, So I need some help. I recently got a couple of models from someone, And i’m going to use them in my map (With there permission) And I got like 7 different files (.vx80.vtx, .vx90.vtx, .mdl, .phy, .sw.vtx, .vvd, .xbox.vtx) and I need to know what files are necessary for having JUST A static prop (I know that I need the .vtf and .vmt) if someone could please clear things up for me that would be wonderful :slight_smile: Thanks, -Corrupt Moose

you need all those files cus those hold all the model information. the vtf and vmf are the texture file and if you dont have those the model will have a purple and black checker pattern on it. just put those model files into the model folder of gmod

O_O ALL of them? even if i want just the static prop?

yea all of them. why? the file size isnt even that big so why cant u have all those files? if u look at the other models they all have the same type of files

They are all used.
The .dx80.vtx, .dx90.vtx, sw.vtx, and .xbox.vtx are all just different versions of vertex data, optimized for DirectX 8.0 machines, DirectX 9.0 machines, Software mode rendering and, yeah, for the xbox respectively.
The .phy is the collision model. You will need it for a static prop.
I can’t tell you what the .mdl and .vvd do, but they’re important!

i have to pack all of the custom models to the .bsp file of my map, the models alone will add 15.7 mb to the .bsp along with the map itself, which will be at least 7 mb

oh, I always thought that .phy was for the physics prop, and .mdl was for the static prop and the others where just exrta… but now I understand. thanks :slight_smile:

It’s .VMT, not .VMF. I don’t know why 80% of people get this wrong. .VMF is for maps. .VMT is for textures.

it was early in the morning, lol…

Everything except .xbox.vtx

one more thing, every now and then I see some .jpg’s along with the model files, are those needed also?

No. Those only show up in the Model Viewer to preview the model. You don’t need 'em.

okay, thanks everyone! :smiley: