what folder do i put weapon skins in?

all the weapon skins i get theres no readme…those douches

what folder do i put skins in for weapons?

depends but normally it’s

C:\program files\Steam\SteamApps\yourusername\Thegameyouwant hegamesaberrations\

The game aberrations are normally this:
Portal - Portal
Counter Strike Source - Cstrike
Team Fortress 2 - TF
Team Fortress Classic - TFC
Any Day Of Defeat game - DOD
Condition Zero - CZ
Half Life - HL
Half Life 2/Episode 1/Episode 2 - HL2
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 - L4D

And so on…


Garry’s Mod is just garrysmod btw too :wink:

O_O!! thats what i did but it didnt work!!

Normally copying will bring up a overwrite dialog, make sure you apply it, some skins don’t work maybe because they were designed for older versions of the game, if this is the case find newly made skins that appeal to you.