What folder do sound folders go into to?

I have my swep coded (lets just call it MySwep), and i want to put a sound to it.
It is a .wav file, but i have no idea what folder the sound goes in. I think i tried garrysmod/sound, would it go in something like garrysmod/sound/myswep if the swep folder ni lua/weapons is called weapon_myswep?

When you specify where the sound is it automatically looks in the sound folder. For example:
You specify it to search for the sound Myswep/sounds/sound.wav

It will look for the sound sound.wav in the garrysmod/sound/Myswep/sounds/sound.wav directory.
Sorry it might be a bit confusing, I’m a bit tired.

If you didn’t get what he just said. I think you did since it was pretty easy to understand but anyway i’ll try to explain in a more simple way.

If it is said it will search for a sound file in gmod/sound/mywep/sound.wav

And you put your sound in gmod/sound/mywep/sound.wav it’ll work ^^’

I got it, thanks :smiley: