What "formula" do you use if any to decide on a server map size?

With a forced map wipe coming up it’s a great time for server admins to change their map up with a new seed or new size. I’m currently running a 5000m2 size map and while it’s great to have all of that room it’s way too big for the max concurrent player count I have on that server, on top of that the server RAM is chewed out like crazy. This wipe I’m dropping to 4000m2, it’s what we had for July and it worked well, not too small, not excessively large. Having a smaller map without making it the size of a bathroom also gets players interacting with each other a bit more instead of being a world away from each other living as hermits.

So in saying that, how does everyone else decide? How many max concurrent players do you have, how large do you set your maps, and is there a max you will never exceed?

I always consult with my players before choosing a size and I’m willing to try stuff. My server has been sitting at 10-20 players for months with 4k maps and they asked for 5K last month so we tried it. It turned out to be way too big and we got bored real quick. People were too lazy to even cross the map for a raid and we went back to 4k this wipe. The same exact people are now complaining it’s too small, but we did get an increase in players to 20-30. I guess they just aren’t used to getting raided every night :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO 4k is good up to 50-60 players (at peak)…

I’d argue that with the 10-20 I had until recently, a 3.5k would prob have been better to keep things spiced up a bit.

As said above, when the player peak exceeds 60 you might wanna think about using a slightly bigger map. More than 100 players at peak should be on a 6000 map at least.

I think that you can’t rely on the player count on a rush hour, such as after wipe. Notice that player number will sometimes decrease by up to 70% in 2 weeks.
If you have a steam group with users in it, you can rely on seeing at least 20% of them after wipe.
The true player number also includes the offline players. They need to build somewhere too.
So lets assume at the rush hour about 25% of your player base playing at one moment. if there are 50 players at the rush hour you really have about 200 active players.

On a 4000 map that is 12.5 players per km² wow too much formula

Another interesting thing to note with the players per km2 is that the actual usable landmass varies greatly with seed. It really depends on what mood (RNG mood) the Procgen engine is in. It’s easy to see this with a 1000m2 map, some of them are just open water with no land at all.