What game would be your dream game to be mounted into Garrysmod?

I’m just curious to see what everyone wants mounted as a game in garrysmod for weapons, chracters and maps.

** It clearly can’t happen so don’t get all hyped up over it but just give your idea. **

L4D(2) obviously

But for chrissake stop making these threads.

I’m giving people threads for them to have their say on rather big topics to do with garrysmod, no harm in them.

You’re making like seven threads a day and clogging up the GMod forum with shit that isn’t going to happen.


It’s all about giving everyone their say in ideas and points of discussion, theres no meaning as such in the base Garrysmod thread so stop being a troll and let everyone else have a use out of these threads.

trackmania united forever :slight_smile:

Most likely super smash bros. brawl. I could do gmod battles! Gman VS. Ike ftw?!

EVE Online.

Red faction: Guerilla

Yep, red faction = great content.

We need grand theft aswell, that would make the vehicle department of gmod ** Complete **

GTA: San Andreas.


fallout 3


ALL the models.

Mohawk grenade!

But for my dream mount would have to be MGS3

Sweet Mother of Jesus Fuck. You don’t understand how that would work.

OK, here’s the thing. Blizzard didn’t make a single model file for EVERY combination possible. Rather, they made a lot of different model “bits” and combine them on the fly as they’re needed. Maybe they make specific models for really special cases (the head cheese of each race, maybe).

Source can’t do that. It can’t read WoW’s model format either, but that’s a nitpick and a conversion can take place.

Now let’s assume that after conversion each combination winds up taking about 1.5 MB of HD space (roughly the amount of space all the GMan files take). Now let’s say there are one billion possible combinations (probably more, but ehh). 1,000,000,000 * 1.5 = 1,500,000,000 MB. That’s about 1,431 TB (terabytes. A terabyte is 1,024 GB). And this is for the player models ALONE. They don’t make hard drives anywhere NEAR that big.

You must be hoot at parties right?


Alright obviously you dont understand how it works either.
You are assuming that each combination no matter how slight the change would have to be a single model, but through the use of body groups I can have about 30-40 different armour peices per model, which was roughly 800 diferent combinations per model (I did this with my Halo 3 player models) and those high detail models were about 600kb, so a low poly model like wows would be something like 200kb, do the maths, this is the MAXIMUM size, it would probably be alot smaller with alot more armor variations per model.