What game would be your dream game to be mounted into Garrysmod?



It would make spacebuild epic.

GTA IV, or GTA San Andreas.


A space game of some kind. Or some police game.

Need For Speed Shift

I want all the NPCs, thats it. Maps and that can wait.

Shattered Horizon

Crysis because of the trees and guns

Gta iv

Motorstorm and Borderlands.
I suppose for Borderlands, there wouldn’t be a single menu of weapons, rather some menu extension that allowed you to custom build your weapon using bits and pieces that make up all the guns in the real game.

Fuck no.

Dead Space, Hello real scary maps.

Battlefield 2. Great NPC`s nice SWEPS and amazing props.

I’m sure Halo content from all games would be a Great idea!

Until you realise you can noclip outta there.

Sonic the hedgehog 2 for the sega megadrive.

Star Trek Elite Force I and II

Imagine going through the second Borg Cube level in EF1 with Kermite’s shotgun pack!

Master of Orion II.

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