What game would you like to be turned into a RP Gamemode on Garry's Mod.

If you could choose any game for a RP Server on Garry’s Mod to have, what would you pick?

I would pick:


I would choose none. Even coming from someone who owns an RP server there’s to much RP in gmod.

SRP - Sandbox Roleplay
You can be:
-an engineer that builds stuff
-an noob, that destroys stuff
-an admin thats bans the noob
-an banned noob that fucks up the server because the devs failed with the SRP code

Roleplay Roleplay
You roleplay roleplaying in a darkrp game

Bioshock 1 or Bioshock Infinite RP.

None. RP on Garry’s Mod is absolute shit.

RE4RP - Resident Evil 4 RP.

Leon can be the zombie hunter.
Ashlee can wait or follow you.
The Merchant can sell “goods”.
Luis can be the thief.
Ada can be the assassin/hitman.
Wesker can be a mob boss.
Lord Sadler is the town mayor.

Garry’s Mod RP!

Experience all the the fun and joy of Garry’s Mod in one gamemode!


  • Minge - Constantly runs around destroying people’s builds and making the gamemode deathmatch style.

  • Donator - Exempt from all server rules, gets to vote permanently ban and will get pissed if you break/kill his stuff/him.

  • Builder - Builds stuff quietly, until a minge comes along.

  • Corrupt Admin - Bans anyone who doesn’t like whats he is saying, is above the rules.

  • Mine-washed Roleplayer - Will scream into their mic. when you break a rule, /me’s everything including walking.

Oh wait, this is your typical Garry’s Mod server.

Well, not strictly an RP gamemode, and I doubt it’s feasable but

You know what I’d prefer? More fun/team-based or party style gamemodes. Look at the server browser, there is a shitton of already existing RP gamemodes that outweigh over genres and it makes me very sad.

The other day I talked with a guy who has GMod and said he wanted to learn Lua because he has always wanted to make a medieval RP gamemode. I never understood why people are so attracted by RP gamemodes or “society simulators”, those things are hard to do, they require a lot of players in order to be fun, and there are way too many of them already.

Okay let’s be honest, who the fuck wants to play a medieval rp, who the hell would even make the map, what would the jobs be? It would probably just be like those medieval LARP’s in GMod.
Why are kids so obsessed with roleplay, none of them even play properly, and the other ones that do think it’s second life and commit their lives to it, it’s not even roleplay to them, it’s life.

Yeah, medeival RP would be shit.
You can roleplay as a peasant and be shat on at every corner by the lamdlord, or you could be a clergyman and be manipulated into doing what the king wants, and for the low price of a 19.99 donation you, too, can be a landlord

What ever happened to Fretta?
What I wish there was more of is co-op servers (not puzzle co-op like in HL2DM js_* maps, co-op maps like in Synergy or Obsidian Conflict), I remember seeing a video a long time ago of someone showing a beta of their co-op map that they were working on. It was clearly designed for a ton of players and what was really cool about it was when you died you were teleported to a small build area where you can occupy yourself while the alive players fought to the first checkpoint.
That’s the kinda thing I haven’t really seen in GMod, both being published or being worked on since everyone seems to have some weird fetish for RP.

Do you guys know anything about the middle ages? There were plenty of crucial job roles they were more along the lines of manual labor producing things like clothing (tailors), or tools/weapons (blacksmiths) as opposed to things like drug dealer, police officer, etc.

Honestly, I wonder why HL2RP is a thing since it doesn’t really have many jobs aside from plebeian, over-controlling cop, robotic trans-human SWAT, and dictator. (What else could you have? From what I recall in HL2 the Citizens of C17 didn’t have any jobs aside from being a CP unit, and there’s no sign of enforced manual labor)
I can imagine Medieval RP being unique and interesting in a certain sense but there would have to be some system to make products, and maybe from the DarkRP “job” system (a thought would be making it so you would produce products with a certain machine you would have to acquire in-order to assume a job instead).

As for who would make the map? I would like to give a jab at it especially considering how nice Dark Souls looks. (An example, 1, 2, 3, 4.)

You play as a 12 year old kid with your best friend- your mums credit card. The objective is either to a, set aup a DarkRP server with as many stolen coderhire scripts as possible, or buy as many copies of Hera possible and try to destroy as many servers as possible.

Realistic Chargebacks
NPC parents
Virtual coderhire and paypal

RP is popular because its fun as fuck. If you don’t get joy out of shooting an administrator pulling you for a sit, you’re missing out.

Facepunch roleplay:

Consistently complain about how bad all GMod RP servers are, without exception, complain about donators, admins, everybody, make broad statements that apply to all servers even if they don’t, etc.

Cow Doty row pway.

something with a space station 13 type vibe would be really awesome

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or early zone or later zone stalker, could be interesting or complete shit as per the gmod rp standard

This idea is perfect xD