What game would you set together with rust if you could

So i am wondering if there was a game you could mixup with rust what would it be?

something that’s actually fun

tf2, or pokemon.

Dead Rising


Minecraft :slight_smile:

The Stomping Land
Survive the Forest
7 Days to Die
Stranded 2 or 3

Creating the ultimate Survival game of all times

Please explain

Space Station 13.

When you say mixup, I believe that this means to take key features.

So lets start with tf2

An open-world survival mode for tf2, where you can build your bases that hold your tf2 gear.

Now an aspect I would like about this is that, you pick items from your backpack to use while scavenging for more items and fighting players.

Basically you build a house, and say have a couple of sentries placed in bunkers on your 2nd floor, you go to scavenge for some materials(can be scrap metal or such) and you start to head back to your base, but a spy can be cloaked beside your door and sneak in when you open your door. But in this mode spy wouldn’t be 100% invis.

Theres an endless possibility for a tf2/rust style game, having different classes to do different stuff. And not to make people able to farm endless amount of items and put it back into their backpack, there could be a weekly limit.

For pokemon, same thing. Build your house to rest at/store extra stuff. Go out fight pokemon, or other trainers.

pretty much an online pokemon mmo.

Bad Rats Revenge.

Fallout 3. Rust gameplay elements with Fallout’s polish and core gameplay would be pretty cool.


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& Forklift Simulator…

Surgeon Simulator.

checkers… i love that game

for real tho? Id have to say old school MMO of somekind with a huge(Asheron’s Call huge) open world map and infinite number of ingredients and craftable items

Maybe a platformer like terraria, Like a 2d Rust.

Space Station 13. Me and Parrot fantasized about growing weed during a raid today.

The Division.


The Thing