What gamemode/addon totally changed Garrys Mod?

For better or worse, what addons do you think were a gamechanger in the community from early GMod 10 all the way to GMod 13. Gamemodes are also welcome. I am just wondering what you guys think, I have played GMod since GMod 9 and kinda am stuck in GMod Nostalgia lol

I feel like PERP changed how players wanted their RP, after PERP, it seemed like everyone wanted a PERP like RP server, but give me your opinions.

DarkRP changed the landscape of Garry’s Mod. It’s effects are still felt today.

GMod Tower heavily led to Garry’s Mod becoming a popular YouTube game, which completely altered the demographic of the game at large.

for the negative at that

-TTT/Murder/prophunt for aiding the YouTuber takeover
-Zombie Survival for just being a really damn well made gamemode, and the original community is still thriving since they started in 2006.
-PERP for unintentionally creating the biggest shitshow in Garry’s Mod, taking the crown for being the most desired pile of lua duct tape in history. (also probably the reason why DarkRP is the infinitely growing tumour it has become)
-Melon Racer

GoldenForge, PointShop and other donation addons pretty much ruined Garry’s Mod community. DarkRP was ruined by car addons, because they just don’t fit Source :boxhide:

Times have changed. I remember when people complained about Wiremod ruining Sandbox.

On the contrary I’d say wiremod greatly improved sandbox. So much more cool stuff to be able to build, and you weren’t forced to use it so…

Wiremod was probably one of the reasons I got so interested in gmod around that time. Loved messing around with it; shame people don’t really use it anymore

wiremod and advanced dupe 1/2 pretty much single handedly evolved sandbox from “slap shit together” to “slap shit together but now there’s some degree of thought and prettiness involved”.

For me it was Darkrp. Its just… SO FUN!!!

I bet it is

Well, Garry’s Mod has been altered with RP in general, mainly DarkRP, but nutscript and kind of Clock Work had a bit of a hand in it too. There are possibly 100 times more rp servers then there are non-rp gamemodes as a whole. I would also say that popular gamemodes, such as Star Wars RP, and of course, DarkRP the gamemode, have created a sort of negative view on RP altogether. Top that with youtubers mingeing on these servers.

Garry’s Mod is also possibly the first game to ever have things like Player Guard, or the new one, Gmod Defenders, and have so much drama intrusiveness. If you plan to create a Garry’s Mod server, it’s almost detriment to your health and possibly phycology. Garry’s Mod has basically turned into something more of a game at this point and its kind of sad that it’s like that.

To think that if drama never existed in Garry’s Mod, even myself wouldn’t be stressed, or have to worry about little things that shouldn’t be easily able to become “big” things. If drama didn’t exist, people would actually create good servers that are fun to play on, there wouldn’t be false demoting, false banning, it would possibly create a perfect game tbh. But since there is nearly anything that can be done about servers that cause these things, this creates so many issues, especially trust issues, and that’s the number 1 reason why these shitty servers that just copy and paste get successful. They get enough people to start the server and bring more people along the way. Then people stay because they think they have power because of their “rank”.

Anyways I’m pretty much ranting at this point, but a lot of things that are done in the Garry’s Mod community as a whole have effects that are done for possibly years, almost never minding the size, but the way the way these communities do things.

darkrp single handedly keeps gmod as relevant as it is, and it’s by far the thing players want more than anything else from the game

It was amazing seeing the rise of TTT as a central pillar of the Gmod community.

All of those FNAF RP gamemodes surely helped shape GMOD’s current, amazing, non-toxic community full of mature human beings.

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