What gamemode are you working on?

Please share with us. What gamemode are you currently working on?

(I’m sorry if this thread is stupid but I felt like we needed one)

Most of the time someone starts a new gamemode they just make a thread about it.

Be better if it was posted someone like here though if they don’t have much content to show, also good for people who just feel like showing off pictures of a new gamemode but don’t wanna post information about it.

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I’m working on a rts based on the game army men rts heres a picture of an old version of the hud i’ve been working on.


And i have this tower model done:


Army men, I loved that game!

I’m working on a MORPG for Garry’s Mod, Bekka is the coder:

That looks pretty cool, actually. Although the video only focused on the map, when it could have focused a bit more on the gameplay and the different features of the gamemode.
But in either way, that map looks pretty amazing.

It’s a gamemode about recycling.
Three different teams have to put the right trash into the right bin, and the bins are spread to the corners of the map, so people must choose the trash they want wisely.
After recycling it the player is given cash. The player must return to the main shop area to cash in. If they don’t use/convert their cash, when they die they lose all they are carrying.

Different materials have different rarities and payouts for recycling.

The player has to make the choice between personal improvement items, like wallet size upgrades, and converting the points to better the whole team.

I’d post pics, but it’s mostly all vanilla content and a few rounded bars clientside.

That… Seems familiar somehow. I think a friend of mine did something similar a while back.

There was a recycling themed gamemode competition a while back. I just felt like making mine because I needed to become more proficient with lua.

Currently working on a remake of GMod 9 sandbox.


in gmod 10 ? :v:

if not, why

If I wasn’t making it in GMod 10, in what GMod would I be making it? :v:

Working on the infection… Damn the hud. Damn it and it’s not matching parts to hell.
I can’t make a goddamn health bar that looks good D:

Working on quite a few things. On hiatus from HL1 campaign, working on a couple private gamemodes, tuning up some old gamemodes probono such as TacoScript

Working on my own Build, Fight, Survive. No one does it right.

Also, I have a WIP multi gamemode system that allows multiple (specially coded) gamemodes to exist all at the same time.
I’m thinking Build then fight, without time constraints. Just open a menu, and click the fight gamemode! No loading or anything. This could also work for other small gamemodes, like multiple minigames happening at the same time.

Working on RP and for a side project MMORPG.