What gamemode do you guys want?

Hello, just a quick post here to help us decide what gamemode you want on our small 10 slot server. Me and another friend can code any ideas you guys have so if you wanted something added/fixed/removed it wouldn’t be a problem. Even if it is just addons you want, we’ll add 'em.

I don’t wanna add a gamemode which nobody would want to play, even if the gamemode is dead we’ll try to revive it and get it working again.

Server Ip: (default sandbox for now)

Everything except DarkRP

Go Fish


Normal :rolleye:

With fishing swep :slight_smile:
But you need good admins, if one of them is abusing it can ruins the server

Or maybe winter survival

Just a suggestion but you could make a nazi zombies rip off.

I’m sorry were you born last millennia? WORST GAMEMODE IDEA EVER

It is shit, but a worse one would be some sort of RP involving Call of Dutys non existent story, preferably dark RP to maximize stupid.