What Gamemode Do You Play The Most, And Why?


I write code in sandbox most of the time.

Sandbox in singleplayer

DarkRP :wink:


Morbus, cause Remscar is my dawg.

Stranded, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Tacoscript S.T.A.L.K.E.R roleplay, clockwork half life 2 roleplay, and sandbox both in singleplayer and multiplayer.

TTT and occasionally Parkour

I have an admission to make: I think I’ve only not played single-player sandbox two times these past six years.

I do intend to try TTT, it seemed really fun on paper, but I’ve always had so much fun just building stuff in GMod that I’ve never varied much.

I used to play a lot of Dark RP, pretty much what got me into Garry’s Mod in the first place. I don’t play much anymore as most of the servers tend to be filled with children and trolls and no-one really RP’s, its just a big RDM fest.

I pretty much only play TTT now, I never used to like it. But it’s grown on me.

TTT since I’m an admin on a TTT server. I also started playing gmt a lot recently

also screwing around in sandbox singleplayer

I used to play TTT nonstop, but I ended up burning myself out on it. I wish there were more popular gamemodes than the trifecta of TTT/Sandbox/RP

I mostly play TTT on my server. Sometimes I go play Basewars

Gmod tower. Its gamemodes are actually fun and very well made

Tacoscript and Tacoscript 2, the last 4 years


Art of Parkour, and sandbox

Sassilization, because it was very fun and I loved the player base.

Trouble in Terrorist Town, but only with friends.
It adds a certain touch of humor TTT sometimes seems to lack.


Griefing HL2RP