What gamemode should I host?

Hi, I have a 30 slot DarkRP server which never gets used and whilst we are paying for the server I thought I might as well put something on it in the meantime. I don’t to put on TTT, Murder or Prophunt on the server because I don’t like any of those gamemodes. Ideally, it would be a game mode which not many other people are hosting, and something that’s quite passive to play. I tried looking for a Team Deathmatch or similar but I can’t find anything; ideas?

One of the NutScript schemas perhaps?

Don’t host a server for the sake of hosting a server

Find a gamemode you actually want to contribute to and host, otherwise this won’t be fun for you

That’s why I don’t want to host TTT, Prophunt or Murder.

I wouldn’t do DarkRP either. Nutscript schemas are a really nice route to go.

I don’t really want to host a roleplay server though, just something easy for the time being

Explore and pick one that sounds interesting

(Melons 2 Melons)

Try Razborka, I think that would be one to host. It’s might get popular soon due to popular youtubers playing it, but right now I haven’t been able to find any servers for it. If you do try Razborka, I’ll be a player playing on it.

Mr.GreenGaming Community made an awesome gamemode, but I cant remember the name. It should be somewhere on their website. (No clue if its publicly available for hosting tho.)

I think your talking about Darkest Days Taws?

razborka would be amazing

Snip, meant to post to Waywo. Give me boxes.

So you’re selling something that someone could just make in gCompute?