What gamemode to put on a 30 slot server?

Basically, I’ve had a darkrp server on idle for the longest time and some goat guys used some backdoor to claim it on gametracker, not that I really give a fuck at this point. But I might as well wipe the server and it can be turned into any kind of a 30 slot server.

Suggestions? It’s located in New York and hosted by NFO if that matters.

Mmmm. I started hosting a TTT server about 4 months ago. Now it almost always has at least 20 players on at once. Just an idea.

Or you could go for murder and try modifying it. Honestly, that gamemode could be very nice if they added more things into it.

Don’t do the popular gamemodes like TTT, DarkRP or Murder. Theres so many servers for them that nobody will find your server. If you’re looking for an RP server I recommend a NutScript schema.

Stop it Slender ?


Go for any one of these classics.

None of them work.

What about flappy garry?
Also for some reason my user agent is showing IE9 over Chrome

Those’ll need a little work, also that list is painfully limited.

Here’s a better source, it’s missing a few, but I’m guessing most of the ones missing are just plain gone.

oh god, I googled to try and find one of the missing gamemodes, and got a face full of festering dog shit

that’s a horrible idea

Torrington is awesome with Vein.

vein has been dead for like a year now

people love to whack off over the concept of a first person project zomboid

vein nailed the feeling of project zomboid but most people fail to realize that it’s a RP script with a lot of neato features, not an zombie survival RPG.

Melon Clicker.

it’s 5 bucks though; shame, could have been great