What gamemode to use as a base for my gamemode (City Roleplay Gamemode)

There is a lot of gamemodes out there, i’m planning on making a custom gamemode but i want to use something as a base, I’m going to give a list of ones that i know are publicly available/available to me and i could use

-DarkRP (stripping it down ridding it of unuseful parts, advantage being that i could still use scriptfodder addons)

-CW Apple Cider 2

-Applejack (publicly available)

-Nutscript (publicly available, also has large veriety of open source addons)

Please don’t get all arsehole-ish about my suggestion of using darkrp because i know people will see it and rate it dumb because it gives them petty satisfaction and a superiority complex. Not naming names, there’s just a certain developer who does this. (This last bit is more relevant to scriptfodder but i know he has an account here to)

Depending on how much you plan to develop your own gamemode, there might not be much point using another one as its base.

I want to do something simmilar to this guy,


If you are planning to do everything custom in your way I prefer Nuts
If just some then DarkRP, combine with sf addon
Or do like SantosRP, use scriptfodder addon, but convert them to their usage