What gamemodes would you like to see in Gmod 13?

I was just curious about what other players wish to see for Game Modes. I actually wish to see a large server for Team Death Match with CTF, King of the hill,VIP,Swat.
I like this because the entity limit is raised a crap load from what it is right now so you could fit about 100 players no problem. The only problem is if it’s popular.
So yeah that’s just what i was thinking. Just post what you would like to see.

I want DarkRP banned and being replaced with a more up to date one with more RP and less money printers and raids. Like doing the job really.

Yeah. Currently there are so many Dark Rp servers. Everyone should just stop being lazy and make their own Game modes lol.

In Progress.

I am actually working on a gamemode that is pretty done, it needs some maps and some minor fixes but it’s playable.

The gamemode is named Sketch and it’s up and running right now on my home-computer.

The gamemode is like a twist of tf2 and fortwars. Check it out you guys may like it :slight_smile:

^^ I don’t see any listings for it…

Sorry I can start it again

I want someone to create an RP that’s a lot different from PERP and DARK RP.

That is also being developed by my team :slight_smile:

Yeah still nothing timpo…

Do you have any pictures or anything?

I’ll just pm you my IP

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Not any good ones but here

Just looks like a hud that’s all :confused:

I’m starting to think he’s just full of shit. Still do not see any servers for this so called gamemode, no IP in my PM, and the website he linked to has been seized.

That’s just wonderful.

Im sorry I was gone for a while… The website is down because my friend shut it down when he went offline and I did pm you my IP I dont know why you didnt receive it

Uhm add me on skype if you want me to start the server again, timpo204

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Why would I lie that I made a gamemode and hosting it? I don’t see any common sense in that

Um. No the website is down because it was seized by the FBI.

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Click: http://manolisvrondakis.com/

Oh that is just a joke :stuck_out_tongue: dunno why he made it though

Oh that’s a great joke! Associate yourself with the FBI and make it seem like you are a bunch of pirates.!

Well now when you are here do still want to see the gamemode?