What Garry is missing [Cupboards v Building]

The issue isn’t with not allowing people to build, IT’S THE BUILDING SYSTEM… you just broke it, I’m sure you remember… when you changed everything… so people can place ceilings off of your wall, crazy stairs that have no support, railings that can boost people up.

Building onto someones house for a raid was essential for a smart player, and it made you as a smart player build your base smarter or how you hid your loot.

The fact that people are dumb enough to build in an open area where their foundation can’t be maxed out isn’t the communities fault, why are we being punished with such a game breaking mechanic…

Some idiot can get lucky, break into a specific room, break my cupboard, and suddenly he has access to everything? Where is the logic in that, those are my doors, my walls and my foundations. Breaking a wooden box in a room and suddenly owning the house is ACTUALLY just as non logical as adding a gps navigator for rock bros to find their friends.

Garry, the issue isn’t building, the issue is the system. Cupboards are for mod servers, where they already exist and please the bottom of the bucket drop outs.

Bulding onto someones base for a raid certainly is not essential. It was a type of exploit really! In my opinion. Ladders or rooes and grappling hooks ok, building a physics defying set of stairs up the side of a building in three minutes is just silly

Abusing broken mechanics shouldn’t ever be necessary to raid someone’s building. It completely negated the purpose of C4.

And who said that once the cupboard is destroyed the raider has access to everything? As far as I know, all the cupboard does is prevent other people from adding on to your own buildings. I’m fairly certain it won’t unlock all of your doors automatically, so what are you so afraid of?

lets just see how it goes before we pass judgement. Its amusing when people rage about things that have not even been implemented. Garry is not hellbent on pissing people off or ruining the game experience… if the concept proves to have flaws or issues, there is no doubt he will adjust it.

I know we always say it, but this is especially pertinent here – it’s an alpha. FP is trying some new stuff out. The system won’t look the same when it’s completed, and these kind of experiments are a good thing.

SNIP bad reading.

right, but who wouldn’t want to? If everyone else is going to use them (and why wouldn’t they)… why would I want to be the only one who’s base is now easier to raid than everyone else… Pointing out that there is an option to use is irrelevant, because if its implemented, than using it is 100% more beneficial to protecting your base than not. He is complaining about raiding being more difficult if its implemented, which means he basically does not want to figure out new methods (emergent)…

I see, I misread and was under the assumption that the cupboards made it it easier to raid. My mistake.

Taking out building onto someones mansion to attack specific parts of their house limits your options.
Name another way to do it?

My question is not about whether or not it should be implemented, vs. the mechanics of it. I read basically if you place it, you get a 50m buffer where someone else cannot build near it. Is the 50m distance or radius. The reason I ask is because if I want to protect my cupboard, and place it on the 7th floor of my 13 story base… does the height at which the cupboard is located affect the radius. Conceivably, if the cupboard is higher off the ground, I should be able to build closer to the ground floor.

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This is a near sighted comment… maybe grappling hooks, explosives, etc… you and I have no idea what could be implemented in the future.

Brute force, or ambushing them as they come out? I’m sure more raiding tools will be implemented in the future as well. :slight_smile:

I would be pleased to see that get implemented but I’ve been here since the start and theres always been promises. Sort of like the election promises.

If they haven’t been able to code a can of beans, how are they going to code in a grappling hook.

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Those are already options… And I’m talking about raiding a massive, multi person house/ community center.

Okay that seems like an extremely selective argument, they’ve lived up to several promises made, but these things take time, just because it’s not done RIGHT NOW doesn’t mean it never will be. And to suggest that they can’t add in grappling hooks when they’ve added a highly sophisticated customized grass rendering system with insane draw-distances, highly customizable building system, and a heightmap-based terrain texture-blending system is pretty pessimistic.

as far as this goes, don’t take on a massive base if you don’t have enough people. Having as many or more people to take on a big base can make a world of difference.

So now we have magical cupboards? This game is so fucked.

Was this magical cupboard idea on Trello?

I would have assumed they were adding defense systems like legacy e.g spikes. So you couldn’t build directly onto a base. The aspect of building onto someones base to scope it out is really fun, Seeing that game play element taken away sort of sucks…

But with the cupboard system if you can still use ropes or ladders to get onto peoples roofs then It’s not really breaking any game play.

IMO the cupboard system is a good idea, It’ll stop trolling and griefing. I don’t think if someone destroyed your cupboard they would have access to everything… They’d just be able to build in your area/base.

The building system is getting overhauled, so at this point it seems to make sense to put in a temporary ‘magic’ solution to address current, but temporary griefing issues to keep players from quitting out of frustration, rather than try to create a more realistic solutions that might be made completely moot by the building system overhaul.

It really sounds like the cowardly theives that would sneak into your base while you are offline are a bit upset by this idea…so i am all for it.

Not everyone has day classes or works first shift.

You mean the real owners of the servers. The guys who coordinate their schedules and do a 50 c4 raid at 4am on a tribe of guys to wipe them off of the map.


I wish Gary would do his devblogs and post them the Thursday night before @11:59 PM.

Punctuality, even when you are the boss, shows standards of consistency and is one step toward excellence.