What Garry's Mod gamemode do you enjoy most and why?

What Garry’s Mod gamemode do you enjoy most and why?

I like NutScript, it’s easy to edit, fun to play and has lots of features!



Gamemode is actually irrelevant in my books, I’ll play any kind of server providing the community around it is fun and engaging.

Zombie Survival for obvious reasons.

Death run.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

there is nothing batter than good old building in sandbox.
I love making shit with wire.

Jailbreak was my favorite gamemode for sure, was the only thing I played, all day long. Dunno if you’ve heard about The Cube, but it was the perfect community, perfect servers, perfect staff. I miss those good 'ol days, now I do nothing but playing Sandbox and messing with shit.

the old and the new community were really corrupt lol

Sandbox, because I can do whatever the fuck I want without stupid scripts restricting me.

EuRoleplay - Because I’m managing it.

For a second I thought that was a real DM gamemode…

DarkRP - simply because doing one thing annoys the whole server… For example;

Go Mayor and create a law saying Physics/Gravity/Tool gun is against the law, anyone using this will be arrested.

All of a sudden, everyone hates you but no one can/will kick/ban you. Why? Because barely anyone puts a rule about this type of law on their server.

On a more serious note, I actually enjoyed playing Flood - pretty fun and entertaining gamemode. Especially when you destroy the nubs that killed you when you first started playing.

As long as there’s a way for players to remove mayor from power without using /demote or admin power I’m fine with a mayor adding totalitarian laws. Even ones that permit random searches.

Morbus, if it had more players and less teamkillers.

I used to love community-specific gamemodes (Fortwars, Retro TeamPlay, Sassilization etc) however these have all died, and I miss the community spirit those gamemodes enjoyed.

I now like to play Zombie Survival, naturally. Occasionally throwing in some Minigames.

(If anyone can recommend some strong community-driven servers/gamemodes, throw them my way)

The only gamemode I really play is Zombie Survival, otherwise I just mess around in sandbox. Getting tired about how almost every server is a TTT or Dark RP one and for the most part the playerbase isn’t all that great either for those gamemodes.


Whatever happened to the old gamemodes like Zombie Wars and Dogfight Arcade?