What Garry's Mod gamemodes do you hate the most?

To be fair i’ve seen a huge influx in copy-paste DarkRP Servers, it’s starting to become infectious with classic rip off’s such as "ZombieRP, SchoolRP, StarwarsRP (This variation is probably the worst thing i’ve ever played in my life and i’ve played ET on the Atari) and all the other horrendous flavours.

What infuriates me is the shitty long MOTD’s upon joining these servers, like the children who pay to run these servers have some kind of god complex - because their parents never hugged them. I cringe like hell when there are like 1000 administrator groups like “Head admin, senior head donator twenty bucks mod, goldvip+silverandtendollars”.

Oh and for my final rant, donation heavy roleplay is shit.

Surely someone agrees?

You said it all. Almost all gamemodes out there are rp and servers are desperate for donations so non donator have little to none fun

HogwartsRP, it’s a reskin of DarkRP (Which is bad) and Harry Potter (Which is worse), it’s the ultimate cancer. You have to pay for Bronze, Silver or Gold VIP just to play as Hagrid or any other protagonist. They also made a SeriousRP version for it.

But in reality it’s a clusterfuck of insta-kill and teleportation spells everywhere.

Everything other than Sandbox.

Oh i liked those fretta mini games

Fretta Minigames were awesome, they’ve remade some of them but there’s only one community that run it - I forgot the name… :ohno:

Melon Bomber…

everything other than sandbox and sourceforts.

Any gamemodes that have names like FNAF/Five Nights at Freddys on it. If you go there, there are kids screaming on the microphone too, too often.

Military RP/Hogwarts RP/KingdomRP/starwarsrp/FNAF/MethRP are what I hate.

Normal DarkRP is ‘alrightish’. :quotes:
And MiniGames/Deathrun is fun.

Sounds more like you hate the communities running/configuring this gamemode than the gamemode itself.

All gamemodes are fine when run by a capable community.

Murder=Deathrun>Hidden=Bunnyhop>Literally every other game mode.
But worst gamemode would probably be TTT or Prop Hunt. TTT is just RDM simulator and PH is just the slowest and most dull gamemode.