What gets you in the zone?

So I recently started coding in glua and I have never seemed to find a way to get in the “zone”. Ya know when you are super concentrated and moving your fingers faster then you can imagine and you just can’t stop coding? I have hit these points once in a while but I can’t really seem to find a way to keep them going. I have mainly tried music but I am not sure if the dubs and the wubs is a good choice. Perhaps turning the lights down low and lighting some scented candles, or wrapping in a blanket with some nice warm tea? So, what do you do to get in the so-called “zone”?


Pandora.com + drink + night time + idea.
Basically, plan something out, doesn’t have to be fully planned, just a base, grab a drink, load up pandora, set ya playlist then bam coding like a monster. Works best at night time.


I use my head good fast

Coffe cup + Coca cola + Portal 2 Soundtrack = Reliable Code

Night time, some good drink, chilli nuts maybe, and then either Frozen Synapse soundtrack, or Uplink soundtrack.

Idea + Drink + Music
And optional night time

The play-count for that song is beyond 5,000 on my computer by now, surely. Music is always what gets me in the mood, personally talking to peers on steam / skype / teamspeak / ventrilo / mumble / all other voips / the other other voips etc gets me out of the mood to code / gets me out of my creativity zone ( That could just be my extremely low attention span )

Copy and paste all your favourite genres of music / all your favourite songs into 1 file, or however you make your playlists etc ( I don’t use itunes ) and don’t skip it, let them all just play on shuffle ( or in order. ) You’ll know when you’re in your zone because you won’t think about skipping specific songs etc.

Not only does that ( for me at least ) get me into my zone, but it also helps me warm up to certain songs that I might not listen to due to preference over other songs in the album.

maybe a bit away from the topic but do you have more such music I love it (maybe a playlist) thx anyway
on topic nighttime a good idea maybe a writing of how you will manage everything a whiteboard and a lot of food and drinks that really works for me

Pretty much the same routine as AnonTakesOver.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Caravan Palace station on Pandora. It eventually lead me to H.U.V.A. Network which is some of the most chillout/in-the-zone music I’ve ever listened to. I’ve been writing a lot while listening to this particular album.

Give it a try:

Usually when I notice I’ve been putting something off for weeks on end. Then a friend of mine will subtly hint that he hasn’t seen x that I have been working on. Then I cry, put on some music and suddenly have so much work done.
Strangely enough I get more into it when there is someone on skype/ts3 who is also coding and talking about technical shit, that does it more than music for me. And coffee

Some good Deep House always puts me in the mood to code.

Well, almost always, haven’t been able to get myself to code the last 3 weeks.

Tip: Oliver Heldens

What the fuck is this thread rofl

Same here. Just last week I had a job for someone to fix a few models that I’ve been putting off in favor of BL2. Then the guy contacts me and kindly reminds me that I need to get work done :smiley:

Waking up before everyone at 4 am after working out and taking a shower, window open to let the fresh air and the sunlight in, music through speakers instead of headset and a clean desk with nobody to talk to and get distracted. That’s how I find I am the most productive, but jeez that only happens once or twice a year ha.

Getting an idea after 10PM when I have to get up for work at 6AM the next morning. Next thing I know, it’s 3AM…

Didn’t expect this lol

I violently masturbate to pigeon porn, have a cup of tea, and then I’m, ready to go.

A joint + cup of coffee. Seriously, that combo has never failed for me.

We’re in the same boat, motivation seems to have faded away :’-(