What Gmod has become!!!!!!!!

Gmod is a game with 20-30-19 year old people harassing kids for having messed up mics and having a squeaky voice… It is disgusting that 30 year old people spend there time harassing kids and bribing Staff of the server they join… When kids apply for staff they don’t get a chance its always a -1 after the reader sees the age. The readers don’t spend the time reading the rest of the app. When they do become admins they get harassed by 20-30 year old new players on how to do there job. When its a kids first time join on any server the 30 year old players brake all the rules just so they can get the kid banned. There is proof of this on many different YouTube videos of the troll calling a false claim on some random person. It is most offend a kid, the staff member warns or bans or kicks the kid. If it is a older player than they don’t get banned or kicked or warned not even harassed. When kids get harassed by the admins by NOT braking rules, the staff just thinks its the lying kid so they belief the older player. Staff doesn’t even look in the “logs” to see if its true. Just seeing this happen is so disgusting and i cant stand to see it. This happens on all servers just to name some there is TTT, Darkrp, MRP, Murder, Starwarsrp, Jailbrake, Prop Hunt, and many more. Just for the record they call all kids on Gmod liars, rule brakers, squeakers, and more. In just Jail brake alone there a rule where kids cant be guards. If they become guards anyway all the players on start harassing the kid. This game has become so “Anti-Child” that its become impossible for a child to join a server let alone play on it, with out getting harassed by 20-30 year old staff and players.

Blaming the entirety of an age range (which is what it seems like you’re doing since you mentioned 19-30 year olds) for what some asshats and/or groups of asshats within the GMod community do with their own servers doesn’t really justify your statement, dude. The same things that you’re complaining about within the GMod community also happens in various other game communities as well (Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, just to name a few communities), and more often than not actually consists of more children under the age of 18 either breaking rules or being obnoxious than people that are ages 18+. Not all groups or individuals within a specific community are going to behave like how you’re claiming, as each group or individual is inherently different from from another and may have different rules in place. The game itself hasn’t become “anti-child” in any way; you just happen to be joining servers where there’s a bunch of people acting like dicks and watching YouTube videos of people just acting like dicks for shits and giggles.

There are various groups within the gaming community (GMod groups included) that actually have no issues with kids being in the server, using their mic, or playing certain roles in the server (be it as a server official/admin or just playing as a guard in a Jailbreak server as an immediate example) as long as they obey the rules, but most children that join the servers end up either acting like foul-mouthed and obnoxious brats or trying to piss off everyone else in some way that they end up being lashed out at. There are actually various servers out there that have had children essentially buying their way into being a server admin for the group in question, only to have it stripped away shortly after because they kept abusing their power just to have a laugh with their friends and making more of a mess for the server owners to clean up as a result.

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Sounds like someone got their Moderator app denied.


Also, not everybody who plays the game is 20-30 or 11. There’s a good reason that a lot of kids get mocked, and that’s because the majority of them are immature and/or annoying, which people don’t like.

This sort of thing doesn’t only happen in Garry’s Mod, it would be stupid to assume so. This likely happens in every game that children and adults play at the same time.

What gmod has become is you

EDIT: never mind.

my app was not denied btw…

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I don’t know m8 but any server I join kids are getting yelled at left and right for doing shit!.. I don’t know what servers you play on if you don’t see this happen

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Umm… okay?

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Just for the record Katra804 with all the time I have spent playing Gmod I have only seen 5 admins that are kids

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I don’t have to mention every gaming community out there I’m just talking about one…

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“Children and adults” “happens in every game” adults are in the 20-30-100 year old range and servers like darkrp have 30 year olds applying for staff… Like I said before I don’t need to mention EVERY GAMING COMMUNITY OUT THERE!!!

Not to be rude but gmod has been the same since like 2010, difference was that the game was much smaller back then

I’d rather having the game much smaller than having tons of kiddo making the game bigger, but shit
And for the OP: “If you don’t like them, don’t play with them”

I used to be an admin for several different groups, both for the GMod community and CS:S community, so the servers I’ve played on are mainly through the servers I was in charge of maintaining and and associated groups that we held events with on occasion. The servers I was in charge of maintaining had some basic ground rules for both adults and children, one of which was to be respectful towards other players, regardless of age, race, or any other reason, and a lot of the associated servers we held events with shared a majority of the same rules (the only differences being related to the zombie servers in CS:S or the base-building wars for GMod for each group). Within each groups’ servers, we had our shares of asshats joining in and breaking the rules (mostly kids, but some adults every now and then), but most people tended to follow them without causing too much of a problem. A majority of the time when there was a problem, however, it was mostly a mic-spamming child or a child acting like a complete dickhead and causing trouble for everyone else by breaking the rules (which only ever seemed to be an issue during holidays, weekends, or summer vacations when the kids had free time - the usual times for most of those events to occur).

And I’ve seen about 40 (give or take a few, don’t have an exact number), some of whom I’ve formerly worked with and guided to not act like asshats by abusing their power just to piss people off for their own amusement.

I didn’t say you had to mention every gaming community. All I said was that the things you’re complaining about are issues that are present in literally every other gaming community as well, so what you’re saying is going on in GMod has been happening literally everywhere else in the gaming community for a long time. It’s nothing new, especially for GMod.

The age range for adults is actually 18+, not 20+ (sometimes even 16+, depending on regional viewpoints for when an individual is considered a legal adult). There’s also no way of telling how old someone is unless they state their age, which most people are actually known to lie about when applying for admin/moderator position for a gaming community’s server(s).

I’ve also never heard of anyone that was 100 years old and playing GMod, so that’s actually rather amusing.

Yeah, but adults simply aren’t the majority in Garry’s Mod like you make it seem.

i think you need to leave

also, adults generally don’t want to play with children and will actively filter them out of their environment
there are plenty of servers with owners/admins in the 12-15 range that won’t ban you for being a squeaker so go find those

My butthole clenched when I read this thread title. That’s how I knew I was in for a good time.

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Looks like I’m the only person who voted “agree”, and I did so accidentally. Congratulations.

I think you make some good points in your post but to be fair, many posters do this exact same thing but to children

Have you ever seen Shit That Gets You Mad in Gmod? There’s a lot of posts there about children/squeakers

My favorite thing is joining a server to have a bunch of children screaming into their microphone, and screaming I’m breaking the rules every second.

Totally the reason I installed and bought the game.

That’s funny, since I remember there being a lot of kid admins. A lot of abusive, 6 year old admins on many servers.

I’ve seen some of it, but that was quite a while back and a lot of what I was seeing seemed like really trivial bullshit for people to get mad about when I last looked at it. I usually just stick to the modelling section and the LMAO Pics thread(s) most of the time, but I tend to deviate away from those locations when a thread’s title catches my attention (kind of like how this one did).

Yelp for gmod servers when


did ur $$$ donation for admin get revoked?

Based on my experience being admin on a build server: The stereotype exists for a reason.

Also, it is not harassment to bar children from voice when their squeaky voices are annoying and nearly unintelligible.