What Gmod Server Provider is best?

Hello, I am currently looking to purchase a Gmod server, but I do not know which provider/hosting is the best to go with. Could anyone recommend me which host would be best to go with? I am if possible preferably looking for one with ddos protection but it does not have to.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t recommend buying gameservers, they are a pure ripoff… Every single of them,

I would buy a vps from http://hosthatch.com, the $7 a month package should hold a stable 32 slot server (or 2 depending on the gamemode you run).

Yea, that is way better than a gameserver like gmod.eu

I own SimplyFrag.co.uk and our prices are:

£0.30/slot per month (minimum slots = 10)

You can however take advantage of our christmas sale and get a 33% discount off every month with this promo code: “SF_XMAS14” (valid until 10th Jan 2015)

The website is: https://simplyfrag.co.uk if you interested.

http://nfoservers.com are really good, although pricey they are very good quality.

NFO has a decent price with great server and a user friendly panel for someone who has never ran a garrys mod server before.

xenon is pretty good i’m not gonna lie

They used to be years ago but now they’re shit.

I had vevoxa for a bit, they were pretty good, nice support. But in all honesty, just buy a much cheaper VPS from somewhere like OVH and setup gmod on it, it will have good performance and won’t cost nearly as much as game providers, also you would have root access (Depending on the provider)

Agreed. I currently host with them and they’re great with pricing, features, and support.
Also, fancy meeting you here LN.