what happed to renton its not on the list

just wondering

Servers got wiped I believe there’s just one US West server now.

Yup… and now all of the assholes are squeezed onto one broken server (that keeps crashing). We need MORE servers, not less.

so anyone know why they took it down ?

There are lots of theories, no real facts at this point. So far I’ve heard:

  1. test how the servers handle the higher stress of more people on them.
  2. US servers downed to make room for more EU servers.
  3. The French did it, somehow. Because everything is always ultimately the fault of the French, if you look far enough.

you forgot number 4 which is what every one says when somethings wrong with the server “It’s alpha”. Can never leave “It’s Alpha” out

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Yours wasnt funny either -_-