What happen to Sierra City?

So, from what I remembered two years ago, Sierra City was one of the top played maps for PERP. So, I figured I could see if I could use it for a server. -

I did research for 30 minutes, looked in every thread/website/etc, - NOTHING

Does anyone know where the map went? I cannot find it anywhere and nothing pops up even on google. Seriously if you look it up it is just people talking about it, but after that, NOTHING.

Anyone still have the .bsp map in their folder, or have a website where it is still for download?

—I just think its funny that it was one of the most popular maps 2 years ago and now it has vanished from the GMOD Community.

I’m one of the co-creators of the map, It was very sloppy and was just mess. I don’t think anyone really liked it after sgt.sgt made his map compatible with the day/night. I’m actually redoing that map from scratch, while keeping the same concept/earlier concept. If you want I can send you the original map but I’d say wait until I complete my remastered version of it.

I liked sierracity over evocity, evocity felt very ‘flat’ and sierra city was very, varied in terms of height in the map, etc.

Well it WAS called “sierra” city…

Pardon my ignorance but what exactly do you mean by that?