What happen to TeamReality?

The people that worked on GmodRP, why were they banned anyway? Did they mass-spam or something?

It was one person that was just causing trouble as far as i know?

It was a 12 year old making false claims of Lua knowledge trying to perfect a crappy version of a crappy rp mod.


He was also a gigantic troll.

who dock noxiousnet?

TeamReality was a massive penis. I don’t think GModRP is still being developed, after massive failure as the community etc split. RP is all drama.

If he did that, how did he make GModRP?

with alot of help from his friends

Maybe I’m getting confused, I think team reality made gmodrp and “noodle man” proposed to make “DarkRP Reality Team”.

But he could be both people.

He edited the post due to his troll ways but here…

Nah, noodle man’s dark rp thing was different I believe, that was massive fail.

TeamReality made GModRP, except, they didn’t, except they did, except the thread is a massive fight as one or other community bitched and blah blah. Basically, big RP drama over nothing, as usual.

TeamReality == Slob187.

Slob and biohazard were team reality.
Then they fell out.
Bio left slob and slob took all credit.
Bio was a hero
Slob was a user and a cheater and… and… :suicide:

And i should add, this is bio with his genetically modified legs.


I’m surprised a lot of people know so little about TR, someone should record internet history down.
Oh yeah, my legs are awesome:


Greetings there biohazard, you look quite alright in that picture there.

I want those legs, Give me a url :open_mouth:

My megathread on Bocking:

Slob was an idiot, just wait until he finds this thread.

Those are fucking amazing.

Confusing much?

Yup, just like what happened. I’ve no idea what acctually occured, it was all rp drama that confused the fuck outta me. Hence the post :stuck_out_tongue:

I know exactly what happened.

He minged every other RP script and attempted too make everyone go against Dark RP? Or was it the fact he almost plunged one of the biggest Garry’s Mod groups in history into Civil War ,and attempted to minge you where ever you went.