What happen'd on your first day of RDMing someone

Post about what you did on your first day that you RDM’d someone

My first day when I RDM’d someone I randomly shot 9 people in a room on a RP server and ran but I was caught and banned but it was worth it anyone else got a good story on your day.

The admin was a retard who didn’t know how to ban people, was the best dark rp experience ever.

I propkill randomly. Basically, on Rp_downtown v2 I will sit atop the police station and throw sawblades onto players heads. The admins come and talk with me first and I say I won’t do it again and then relocate.

They died.

I dmed a cop and he dropped his arrest baton
Soo much fun at the spawn afterwards

lol @ minges (yes, the following makes me a hypocrite, and I don’t mind saying it)…

My first RDM was when I was the mob boss and I randomly decided to raid some guy’s shop for no reason but to kill him (I was on my own). Then the cops came and they shot me even when I said arrest me :stuck_out_tongue:

When i was playing DarkRP for the first time, i killed everyone like 2 hours. I just bought guns and rushed into peoples houses and shot everyone. Cops never managed to get me and Admin didn’t notice that i was RDM:ing. Finally i got banned for one day, it was fun.

Aimbot + Para = win.