What happend to Ranger Outpost

anyone else get kicked off this server and cannot reconnect now? I see it under history (with over 40 players), click on it, goes to loading screen for a second then kicks me back. I went onto the server list again under all servers and noticed there is a Ranger Outpost with 0 players. That one does the same thing.

Anyone know what this is?

Same thing happening to me too. Spent a lot of time on that server last night working a guy up.

Same here. If It’s done - I’ll start crying.

my group has been moving from server to server… I just want a home hahaha. Koxinas ill let you know where we end up if you want to come over… I had this happen to me before… the server never came back.

I’ve been playing on US East Coast I

cough play RustCraft cough 2 servers, 1 pvp, 1 pve cough

Just a suggestion… haha

I was on it today when it randomly cut out. It isnt even in my history and we just built a sweet house. so sad.