What Happend To That Project?

There was a project with interchangeable hands for view models, and it looks like after the section was removed; it was taken with it.

I haven’t been on the forums for awhile; so I don’t know what the status of the project was before it was removed.

Could anybody fill me in on the details?

AFAIK the models have been sent to garry, but they were never implemented.

Looking for the First Thread?

Or the Redux?

I really want to know the details of what became of it.

This would be pretty easy to do clientside. I don’t know if you could just hook Drawmodel in lua and have that work, but if not, then you could hook ModelRender::DrawModelExecute in a gmod module and replace the hand texture with something else when rendered.
Or you could be cool like me and just replace the texture in the gamefiles.

We got sent the models but not the sources.