What happend to the Electricity Patch?

they were like yeah its gonna come soon but it kinda vanished from the devblogs, no one mentions it

Assume it got put on a shelf for a while. It’s probably a good thing considering what happened with the Pump Jack and where they are planning to go from here.

Probably that the list of things that are/were planned or things they would like to add eventually is insanely long at this point, as there have been tons of things mentioned or even shown off and just never made it in.

As Garry said in his end of year review, the last year has been a year of going nuts implementing tons of things here and there that they want to get implemented, and this year they want to take a step back and plan out what their ‘release’ version looks like.

i think, alpha is to test mechanics, so is normal the content not too long. But i really want see this xD

There was never an “electricity patch”. They never said it would “come soon”. Electricity is a thing they’ve talked about implementing from time to time. That’s really it.

No one’s talked about it much lately. So I assume it’s been tabled while they work on all the other shit everyone complains about all the time.

I think the electricity patch went something like this…


Bro there where never an eletricity patch because it didnt got released, there is even an Windmill ingame, they announced it somewhere around Devblog 50-70 not sure where they stated it exactly but it got sheduled.

There were a lot of Generator Concept arts drewn by Meg which kinda faded into the void i guess

The reason why they don’t show concept art anymore is because people like you assume that every piece of concept art must be something that is going to be in the game the very next week.

People like you assume too much as well. Like you actually know what the Devs’ are doing or not doing. They DID put the windmill into the game so they at least were aiming to bring electricity in and they did talk about it at one point that made many of us think it was coming soon.


It may or may not come. Who knows? It’s up to them now.

I remember the discussions of windmills, downed satellites with solar panels. Maybe powerlines of some sort. Generators and engines. Vehicles and ridable horses.

I think other issues need to come together first before they move into one of those directions.