What happend to wenli's tools? (precision allignment)

I’ve been following the discussions about wenli’s tools for some time, I’ve read that wenli doesn’t want his tools on steam workshop, and i’ve read his thread where he complains about people uploading the fixed version of it.
I agree with him on some points: it’s his tool, if he doesn’t want it on the workshop, or if he doesn’t want people fixing it, then we have to accept it.

But those discussions were a 2 months ago. Since gmod 13 building has been a pain in the ass without his tools. Sure, we have to wait for him to fix his tools. I know it takes a lot of effort to fix the code. We can’t demand him to fix everything in 2 weeks, or even 4. most of us are still waiting for precision allignment after more than 8 weeks. Wenli told us that he is busy with fixing it, and i believe him, but he hasn’t been online for more than a month! Not a single update on his progression.
There were people who’ve fixed it already and uploaded it on workshop. But those uploads were removed because wenli wants to have control. I can imagine that, but after 8 weeks people get impatient. So that’s why i made this tread.

So here is my question: what is currently happening? Will wenli even fix it? Is there a secret thread where everybody downloads the tools because i can’t find anything…

Thx for reading (and hopefully i don’t get banned because of this),

  • Thermo

never mind, i already found a unofficial one…

Afaik, Wenli actually did fix them but never released them because he was too butt-hurt over people telling him to get it done.
There’s links to fixed versions of the tools in the WIP thread
Seems like you’ve already discovered that though.

thanks man!