What happened to all the build pvp servers?

Everything is base wars, and wheel tool isn’t able to be accessed. I miss the good old days when people would build crazy vehicles to fight huge forts…

I still build crazy shit when I play sandbox once in a blue moon and then I ram into people and watch as they cry about getting killed.

there are plenty of build to kill sandbox servers, including mine. but expecting people to build huge bases or crazy shit is just an unrealistic expectation now. i havent seen a single person build a cool base on my server, they are more interested in just running around spawn shooting everything that moves.

Yeah, I’d have imagined this is almost every Sandbox server :v:

its not the same build pvp is when the sandbox server had the weapon shit that broke props, and there was two factions. they’d build vehicles to raid outposts and shit like that.

i miss these servers -.-

There used to be a gamemode where you built robots and had to fight it out with prop health. But it was lost in the gmod 13 update, If only garrysmod.org was still up :expressionless:

garry’s bots? used to play that a lot in like 2010, i miss the old fun gamemodes

I fixed some of the bugs with Garry’s Bots, but there’s some other bugs that need fixing before it can be played.