What happened to all the Minigames servers?

Getting sick and tired of literally the only gamemode being RP and TTT. GMTower is sort of one, but not really because of how slow it takes to get into a mode, out of 5 choices. TTT is fun, but gets really boring and annoying after a while. RP has just become stale now. Honestly, the most fun I had with Gmod was in the JokerIce Fretta server, and after 13, that server died out. I remember there were a few servers still up, one I joined in from time to time looked like it was building up nicely, but sadly not around anymore along with the others.

The only other game mode that game close to being as fun was Extreme Football to me personally, because it actually feels like its one of those minigames.

well considering fretta broke and it isn’t maintained anymore, a lot of gamemodes disappeared

one of the biggest issues is most good gamemodes are phased out with the way the server browser works. slave of garry’s mod was actually a pretty good gamemode, but it was nearly at the bottom of the list considering everyone wasn’t playing it

There’s always the CS:S minigames maps you could use, most of them are map based.