What happened to DarkRP?

What happened to DarkRP?
I remember playing it back in the day, and it was fun to play on. I could have fun, and build cool things. Now it’s just full of ten year olds being annoying, mugging you, non-stop raiding you, most admins are either assholes, or they don’t know what they are doing.

Welcome to Garry’s Mod.

Don’t worry, they’ll move onto a different game mode like usual. Seems like they are starting to infect Murder but some are spilling into TTT. Gotta protect me server.

jailbreak, ttt, darkrp, and murder are all pretty much full of 10 year old assholes. I don’t mind them at all if they aren’t assholes and don’t scream in their mic. But a pretty nice chunk do.

Isn’t it still the same?

DarkRP is a beacon of powerhungry manchildren, and most servers are just giant schemes to make a “business”… One that is meant to scam powerhungry manchildren by making them believe that donating $15 to $50 is what makes you “da best shottah on wrolepway!”

theres no actual players left, everyone is a “le epic trol!!” and are always out to ruin others game

most communities actually have to register as businesses because they rake in cash by the dozen from 12 year old sperglers

Yeah I know, Fearless use to rack in $600 a day when their admins had to instate donation stuff to players, and it was seeable by the public. Eventually they removed that, and then a bunch of “DDoS attacks” happened and they needed the players to donate for “better protection measures” :v:
DarkRP servers are some serious 1984 shit at point.

carlevators are supreme donation farming methods

This generally happens to games (or mods) such as Garry’s mod when a famous YouTuber plays it. Then all of a sudden you have %70 of their fanbase flocking to said game ( Typically 9 - 12 year olds ). unfortunately this is how it has ended up. 2008 - 2010, those were the “golden” years of gmod if you will.

cough pewdiepie cough

anyways, I think the initial burst will fade away in time, leaving players that are actually interested in the game. For now, stay on servers with good administration and addons, and you will be fine.

Yea little 10 year old fan boys sounds a little like COD doesn’t it