What happened to 'Flying Ragdolls'?

Some of you may have noticed that after some update, Garry optimized the force of flying ragdoll after NPC is killed.
I find this very boring and stupid. Even if I shoot kleiner with an RPG, He doesn’t fly,He doesn’t die with style or anything. It just dies like every ragdolled NPC in Garry’s mod…It just falls down. So,is there an option to change the force of ragdolled NPC’s flying force or whatever it’s callled. I just want to make my Garry’s mod funnier and more enjoyable, at least the ragdolls are one of the major things in Gmod.

Just attach shit onto a pole and fucking swing it like a mace.
There’s no creativity in shooting an RPG at someone.
Just the gibs, but you can simulate that with mods.

In other words, I don’t know. I think there’s a console command for it.

I haven’t tried it yet with the new update, but the command to turn up the force of shooting NPCs and other objects has always been “phys_pushscale (value here)” The higher the number, the further they go. You don’t have to go very high to get a satisfying result. 70 always worked for me