What happened to FNMod?

Long ago, there was JBMod and GMOD. However, there was also one other: FNMod. This was similar to the others, but with the introduction of many new tools: Slime Gun, Hunting Rifle, Flamethrower and Harpoon Gun.

The game has fallen into obscurity over the years due to GMOD’s popularity, and I was only reminded of it because of my friend, who asked if I remembered the game. The game included maps obviously different from GMOD, which include:

  • City 16, a sandbox-friendly City 17
  • Playground, a large colorful playground
  • Docks, a large ocean with docks
  • Restaurant, a chicken restaurant called CFC (Combine Fried Chicken)

I’d like to know if any of you remember this game, thanks for reading. :blush: